Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,

We are a German car dealership which was founded as a family business, Autohaus Jäschke, in 1997. Our dealership is located in Krefeld, a city in the area of Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Our primary business is the sale of employee’s cars and used vehicles of all makes. In addition to our private customer business, we concentrate on the export of cars to various countries. They include: Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, Italy…
We maintain excellent business relations with Norway, Lithuania, Russia and Spain.
We would like to expand our export business and are seeking business partners for such a venture.

We can offer you:

Search service

Are you looking for a special vehicle for a customer?
We will find it and send a description of the vehicle to you by e-mail / fax or give you a call.
You will be told what the seller’s dealer price is and can decide if we should take a look at the vehicle. The vehicle’s location in Germany is of no importance.

Vehicle inspection

You would like to know what condition an interesting vehicle is in?
We will examine the vehicle at its location and put it through a technical and visual inspection.
You will be given a detailed report by telephone and can then decide if you wish to purchase the vehicle. Our automobile transporter will bring the vehicle to Krefeld.

Vehicle cleaning

Our service includes having every vehicle cleaned by a specialist company.
The package includes: washing, polishing, cleaning of the interior, cleaning of the engine and, if necessary, elimination of small damage spots in the paint.

Export documents

We will issue the export documents and, as required, the certificates of conformity (COC). If you wish to transport a vehicle yourself, we will obtain number plates for export.

Net sale

If the VAT for the vehicle is itemized, the purchase price can be paid directly to us net (less 19% German VAT), provided that the transport is handled by a shipping agent.
This increases your liquidity.

Transport / Pickup

If you wish, we will arrange for transport to your county by a transport company.
If you want to pick up the vehicle yourself, we will be glad to pick you up at the airport in Düsseldorf or Cologne-Bonn and recommend a hotel to you.

Transparent costs

You will be told the agreed price during the negotiations with another dealer or a private seller.
You pay a fixed commission to us. It covers: issue of the export documents, cleaning of the vehicle and the inspection on location. The only other charge you pay is a flatrate distance fee for viewing and pickup.

If the viewing reveals that the car is in poor condition and you refuse to buy it, you pay only the flat-rate distance fee.

We have sold several hundred vehicles on the basis of this system. The system has proven itself to be effective and means purchase without risk at favourable conditions.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

Faithfully yours,

Marc Jäschke
Dennis Jäschke